Recent Courses
ENGL 205: Literature & the Moral Imagination (Topic: Can Books Save the Earth?)

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Students in this course produced their own digital anthology of “green literature” using Scalar.  To view the class anthology by Section 08, click here; to view the anthology by Section 09, click here.

Courses Taught at Xavier University
  • Senior Seminar (ENGL 499): “Are you happy now?”
  • British Women Writers (ENGL 368)
  • British Romantic Literature (ENGL 450)
  • Literature and the Environment (ENGL 348)
  • History of Literary Criticism (ENGL 303)
  • Rhetoric (ENGL 115)
  • Literature and the Moral Imagination (ENGL 205)
    • “Can Books Save the Earth?”
    • “Wealth and Poverty in America”
    • “Im/mortality: Life, Death, and Commemoration in Modern Literature”
  • First-Year Seminar (CORE 100): “The Choice is Yours: Choosing in Everyday Life”
Courses Taught at Indiana University
  • Intro to Literary Interpretation (L202)
  • Intro to Fiction (L204)
  • Intro to Writing and the Study of Literature (L142)
  • Advanced Expository Writing (W350)
  • Introduction to Argumentative Writing (W170)
  • Professional Writing (W350)
  • Elementary Composition (W131)
  • Elementary Composition – Basic Writing (W131BW)
  • Elementary Composition – Multilingual (W131ML)